Pedro Felipe

Frontend Developer


22 year old talented Frontend Developer from Natal, Brazil. I have had opportunities to work with talented teams across the globe and have been specialising on crafting beautiful and valuable products.

I'm also passionate about travel, exploring new places and to publish some of my photos on my Instagram. In my free time, I'll be probably keeping myself updated/retweeting interesting stuff on Twitter, gaming, reading, watching Netflix or spending time with my family or girlfriend 🙂


Frontend Developer and Consultant @ Codeminer 42

May 2015 - Present

Work as a frontend developer and consultant developing products for small and big companies.
Focusing on deliver value to each client, but also improve their software development processes by following the best practices.

Frontend Developer @ ntxdev

December 2013 - May 2015

Remotely developed products and web apps with a team of developers and engineers.

Developer @ Carratu

October 2013 - October 2014

Developer @ KKi

April 2013 - October 2013

Freelancer Developer

2011 - 2015



2017 - Developer and Consultant - Los Angeles, CA

As a frontend and PHP developer, I've been working with StackCommerce to develop WordPress solutions to bring together their services and WordPress customers.

Riot Games

2017 - Mobile Developer and Consultant - São Paulo, SP

Along with other frontend developers, we've been building a mobile app for iOS and Android using React Native/JavaScript for a official League of Legends championship organized by Riot Games.

InSite Applications

2016 - Frontend Developer and Consultant - San Francisco, CA

Worked as a consultant and frontend developer to create an open source UI from scratch to easily manage Firebase Queue, their multi-worker job pipeline, which powers InSite's main product: IS App.


2016-2017 - Developer - Americana, SP

Tecnoblog is one of Brazil's biggest tech news websites. They provided me a constantly challenger environment to build and deliver both frontend and WordPress solutions to their website and products. I also developed Tecnoblog Notifier extension for Google Chrome and co-authored Tecnoblog Assistente de Compras.

Westfield Labs

2016 - Frontend Developer and Consultant - San Francisco, CA

Worked as a frontend developer and consultant, moved for a few months to work at the Westfield Labs in San Francisco, CA.
Developed resources and solutions on Westfield Labs products with the Center Website and Style Guide teams.


2015 - Frontend Developer and Consultant - São Paulo, SP

Worked as a frontend developer and consultant on Omnize product, a customer service platform that runs completely on browser and allows companies to reach their customers through text, voice or chat.


2015 - Developer - São Paulo, SP

Worked with Cognita to develop their institutional website's front and backend with Wordpress, making it entirely modular, giving the client the option to build unique new pages with little to no programming experience.


Brasil WikiEdits

A bot that tweet about any anonymous Wikipedia edits from the federal government of Brazil network, its branches and companies.
Changes reported by @brwikiedits were covered by Brazilian newspapers several times: G1, CBN, UOL, O Globo, Gizmodo Brasil, Tecnoblog, TecMundo and Jornal Nacional.


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Sass, React, jQuery, AngularJS, Vue.js, CoffeeScript, React Native, Ionic, Bootstrap, WordPress, Git, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch